Melt all that fat with Laevus morologus

2016 has begun on a great note with big news for all the flabulous people out there! Kuruppa Kiripalli, a 38 year old herbologist from the Kauveyi village of Karnataka made a groundbreaking discovery. He discovered Laevus morologus, a herbaceous plant of genus Stultus which has shown miraculous results in weight loss. While, the exact mechanism of its role in weight loss has not been determined yet, it is taking the scientific world by storm. Dr.Stein, a well known diabetologist was quoted saying that “India might just have scored a Nobel in medicine. This is massive. Now particularly is an exciting time for everyone who was wishing for a magic pill to melt all that excess fat in body! We might just be looking at THE solution for all the cholesterol related disorders. I cannot stress enough the importance of this marvelous discovery!” Point noted. So let us hear more about this little herb that everyone is so ecstatic about!

Laevus morologus is a nocturnal plant that produces tiny blue flowers every night, which remain viable for a period of about 12 hours. This plant can be found only at high altitudes. The fat-melting component of this plant is found in its flower petals which have to be crushed and consumed with warm water. However, this component is passive and appears to affect the body metabolism only in the presence of active movement of the limbs. Leading physician-scientists vouch that its immobility-labile character should not be a hindrance. People wishing to lose their flab should take up the long climb everyday, hunt for Laevus’ blue flowers and have them fresh with warm water. Significant loss of excess body fat is guaranteed within a month of the (grueling) regime.

It so happens that Laevus, Morologus and Stultus are actually Latin counterparts for the English word “Stupid”.

Coincidence or not?



-Aishwarya Ghonge, Content Writer at Mera Medicare


P.S. This awesome meme has been sourced from imgflip!


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